Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Big Idea Festival

I joined up for the Big Idea Festival at Big Picture Scrapbooking and it's been lots of fun so far. A new challenge to do everyday, plus lots of projects and ideas! Here is my layout for the first Project we were given
These photos were taken a few years ago when we went to the botanic gardens. I used Big Huge Labs to create the mosiac photo collage (something I'll be using again)
This next layout was made for the I laugh challenge.

The challenge was to finish the sentence I laugh..., then to create a layout on that sentence. I laugh all the time whenever I watch any Will Ferrell's movies and went with that.
The Big Idea Festival is still running and it's free to join up, check it out you'll find plenty of ideas and inspiration!


  1. it's good to see a will ferrel tribute scrap book page! he is hilarious!
    which is your favourite of his movies?

    gracie - moonsbirdsandmonsters

  2. Thats to hard to decide! My fav would have to be Talladega Nights I think.